My blog is all about real, honest conversations on leadership.

It’s a place for me to share some of my own experiences, lessons, and takeaways—and hopefully, learn from readers, too. I welcome emails, comments, and dialogue about authentic leadership and what that means to you.

Try A Little Kindness

From time to time, I have found myself to be the recipient of random acts of kindness. Sometimes given by strangers, sometimes by a friend o...

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Leadership Lies

In the past 25 years, few works of literature have achieved the same level of popularity as the Harry Potter series. Over the stretch of sev...

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The New Future

Over the past few weeks, along with the rest of the world, I have been dealing with a new reality. It’s a reality with a lot less interactio...

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My Classic Story of Change

As our personal relationships change, how do we come through those changes without harming the relationship? This is a question I’ve been co...

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Do you get you?

“I have no idea how I really feel.” “I don’t care about how I come across, I just need to get the job done.” “Ok, so maybe I don’t fo...

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New Year, New You?

Bob stared in the mirror, looking into his own eyes, as if he were preparing to say with confidence, “Absolutely.” It’s now the be...

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Bless Bob’s Heart

He who dares not to offend can’t be honest. — Thomas Paine Truth without love is too hard. Love without truth is too soft. – Joh...

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My friend Jim recently returned from a great Caribbean vacation, enjoying the sun, the beach and a few fruity drinks. On his first day back ...

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The New Narrative Leader Over the last few months, I’ve considered personal and work narratives and have begun to evaluate my need to chang...

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